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Web3 technology that puts carbon at the heart of the financial system

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To stop irreversible climate change, we need to cut emissions by 50% by 2030. It’s a frightening target and calls for monumental coordinated action from across the globe.

Thankfully, the smart people at Toucan have dedicated their careers to tackling this challenge. Like us, they believe many of the root causes of climate change are hardwired in our financial systems. While we continue to reward extractive practices, we will always be fighting a losing battle.

Toucan’s solution sits at the intersection of the voluntary carbon market and web3 technology. By enabling climate projects to move carbon credits onto a publicly-available blockchain, Toucan create far greater levels of trust in a contentious market.

And this is just the beginning. Once digitised, carbon credits can then be used as building blocks within other products. Toucan are already seeing currencies and lending platforms with climate action baked in to the core of every transaction. The future of money is bright.

Using language to connect to a wider community and build impact

For most people, web3 is an alien and intimidating world. It’s dominated by technical jargon and has significant barriers to entry.

Worse still, cryptocurrency has a justifiably bad reputation when it comes to its environmental impact. For many, it's seen as a problem, not the solution.

For Toucan to grow their audience and widen their impact, they know they will need to counter these objections. Similarly, they also have to communicate the value of their technology to a non-technical audience.

After their successful Seed Round, we partnered with long-term collaborator Heather Atchison to create Talking Toucan: a practical guidebook that enables the team to engage, inform and inspire their most important audiences and allies.

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