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The Covid-19 pandemic brought everyone’s travel plans to an abrupt halt. But once borders opened, the urge to explore the world soon resurfaced. Travel may have changed but humans will always be hungry for new experiences, even if they are a little more cautious.

Breeze is an ambitious spin-out offering exciting destinations that still feel safe and familiar; iconic places instantly recognisable from movies and popular culture. Something inspirational and aspirational that grabs people through their senses.

It’s an important strategic play too. Breeze speaks to a younger, digital-savvy traveller. An audience the traditional travel industry have struggled to connect with.


From concept to spin out in 8 weeks

Having worked with Matt Hodgson on the award-winning Meraki project, we jumped at the chance to partner again. Like us, Matt recognises that a remarkable brand and intuitive product experience can create strategic advantage in a competitive market.

In eight weeks we took a partially formed value proposition and transformed it into a tangible, compelling product and brand.

Most travel services are dominated by reams of sales blurb and soulless forms that force customers through a series of questions before they even know what they’re looking for. Breeze is refreshingly different, inspiring customers through feelings, impressions and images and then guiding them to the trips that bubble away in their imaginations.

Rich imagery and video is paired with a tone of voice that’s more travel blog than sales brochure and users are given the chance to personalise their trip with remarkable, unusual experiences. Once they’re ready to commit, the booking flow is simple and intuitive.

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