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oögo think big. They’re transforming childcare for everyone. The parents, employers, childcare professionals and of course the kids themselves.

Kate Clark, öogo’s founder, sees a world where parents are no longer forced to choose between a career and caring for their kids. Where smart businesses support their staff with childcare and hire the best talent as a result. And, most importantly, where brilliant childcare professionals have the tools and support they need to thrive.

The timing’s perfect. 2021 saw the biggest labour shortage in years, but the demand for childcare is only rising. Having successfully navigated the pandemic and finding product-market fit, we’re honoured to help Kate take öogo to the next level.

An investor deck and product vision in 3 weeks

For three absorbing weeks we worked alongside Kate and her team to prepare öogo for their seed round. This is an exciting but intensive period for any startup and we loved the energy and determination the team brought to the process.

During our time together we created a set of distinctive investor materials that captures öogo’s fearless ambition and translates it into a unique investor opportunity.

We also evolved the product experience, bringing a sharper focus to the tools that empower childcare professionals.

Like Kate, we believe building a thriving community of childcare experts is central to öogo’s success. This will give them a huge strategic advantage as they scale their business.

We continue to work with Kate and her team as they take their distinctive brand and service to the world.

“Partnering with Berst was one of our best moves. They worked hard to truly understand the vision for öogo. Having our ideas challenged and then brought to life in such a beautiful and compelling way was genuinely transformational. I see Berst as a long term partner and believe they are instrumental to the success of öogo”

Kate Clark, Founder & CEO

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