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A venture design studio.

We partner with bold-thinking founders, investors and leaders to imagine and create original digital products.

Working in sharp, punchy engagements, we use the best of design thinking, lean startup and product strategy to build better businesses.


Spot new opportunities

All markets have blindspots, and people always have unmet needs. We map and explore your space to reveal exciting new possibilities.


Develop promising ideas

Bridging the gap between strategy and reality, we work at pace to turn your strongest business ideas into viable products and services.


Stand out from the pack

We shape brand experiences that delight your customers, create new value and put distance between you and your rivals.

We work with ambitious teams of all shapes and sizes, and take a flexible approach to funding. Alongside traditional fee-based projects, we welcome value-share partnerships.


You invest your capital in return for our expertise

If you’re an established organisation looking to explore new markets and grow new ideas, this traditional agency model is a good match. It also suits investors who recognise the need for design expertise to unlock greater potential in their portfolio.


We invest our expertise in exchange for a share in your success

​​Preferred by early-stage businesses looking to become investment-ready or take the next leap, when capital is often in short supply. Comes in various flavours (equity or profit/royalty share) and can also be combined with fees.

Combining the spirit of a startup with the creativity of a design studio, we like to get down in the trenches and work alongside our partners to turn fledgling ideas into pioneering digital businesses.

Founders James Bates and James Box have worked in the design industry for over two decades, helping organisations deliver and grow high-profile, breakthrough digital products. Their sweet spot has always been rapid innovation, and in 2018 they narrowed their focus and created Berst.

As a venture design studio, we’re at our best working with individuals and teams who are determined to think differently and take a brave leap forward.