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Personalised health and wellness

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Twenty years of clinical experience with the NHS, elite sports teams and corporate leadership has led Core Performance to a provocative conclusion: many lifestyle diseases, including heart disease, hypertension and even some cancers can be eliminated through preventative medicine.

They’re now on a mission to prove this by measurably improving the health, wellness and performance of the global workforce.

Corlife’s digital service blends realtime physiological data, clinical expertise and technology to deliver personalised health and wellness programmes to employees. This is delivered via an app and supported by wearable technology and IoT enabled devices.

Corlife have a big, bold vision but as a relatively early stage company, need to find a way to differentiate their service in a growing and ultra-competitive market.


Distinguishing a high-potential experience

6 weeks

We love a bold, ambitious vision but it can easily lead to scope creep. Our role was to encourage the team to become laser–focused on their unfair advantages: unparalleled science, demonstrable clinical outcomes and solid underlying technology.

Basing our work around a serious of custom experience principles, we prototyped the future of the Corlife service. Our overarching goal was to deliver an intuitive but distinctive experience that will build strategic advantage in a competitive landscape.

As well as creating a shared vision for the product for the next few years, we translated our work into new sales and marketing materials, broadening Corlife’s appeal to a more diverse and international customer base.

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