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Accessible and affordable healthcare for every person on Earth

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Babylon Health are on a mission to put accessible and affordable healthcare in the hands of every person on Earth. That’s a mission to get behind.

As one of the UK’s fastest growing healthtech startups they have already disrupted traditional healthcare, bringing online GP services to many parts of the NHS, as well as private customers nationwide.

As Babylon looked to scale their service to a global audience, they wanted to move beyond reactive medicine and embrace full-circle preventative healthcare.

Forecasting the future of self-managed healthcare

Working alongside Babylon’s clinicians, technologists and designers, we began our partnership by researching, prototyping and validating how the service should evolve to support patients recovering from common acute conditions.

In this form, patient rehabilitation is not only a way to improve clinical outcomes. It also becomes the bridge to an ongoing relationship and the means for Bablyon’s services to become embedded into everyday routines.

Building on this step change, we then projected further into the future and forecasted Babylon’s three year vision for preventative healthcare. We created ‘Jamelia’s Story’: an evocative, visually–driven narrative that described how Jamelia and eventually her family will manage their health and wellness through four key stages of their life.

We are big fans of using storytelling to bring a shared perspective to strategic change. These pieces of work are purposefully designed to become an organisation’s ‘North Star’: a clear, understandable vision that guides teams towards a shared goal.

“Berst were able to get under the skin of a problem. Producing deep and provocative insight and creative artistry to a much greater depth then the typical contractor/agency”

Yani Petrova, Former Product Lead, Babylon Health

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