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We believe entrepreneurs and designers are best placed to solve the world’s most challenging problems. That’s why we partner with early-stage founders who want to make the world a better place and are unafraid to challenge the status quo.

As founders ourselves, we’re accustomed to working under high levels of uncertainty. We recognise untapped opportunities are often lurking in the unknown. Venture design is our approach for identifying and exploiting the highest potential ideas.

How we add value

  • Translate early ideas into tangible product concepts
  • Find unsolved customer problems
  • Rapidly explore solutions
  • Validate concepts with real customers
  • Put shape on a unique value proposition
  • Prototype a minimum desirable product
  • Create a distinctive brand and product experience
  • Help raise initial funding
  • Translate your initial ideas into tangible product concepts
  • Examine an opportunity space to find unsolved problems
  • Rapidly explore a broad range of potential solutions
  • Validate concepts with real customers
  • Shape a distinctive value proposition
  • Prototype a minimum desirable product
  • Create a unique brand and product experience
  • Help raise initial funding
"My partnership with Berst has been like having on-demand access to the co-founder I never had. James is deeply invested in my business and is always there to support when I need it—whether that’s visioning something, sense checking, getting hands on with some key design work, or just a well timed bit of confidence boosting! I’m not sure where I’d still be on this journey without them."

Jonathan Garner, Founder & CEO, Mind over Tech

Got a hunch about the next big thing?

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We love using our experience to guide startups through significant moments of growth. Think of us as an interim design team that gets down in the trenches and supercharges you and your team.

For pre-seed teams, this could be zeroing-in on a distinctive brand and product experience. Or even raising your first seed round. For later stage companies, unifying your growing team around purpose, vision and strategy. Or exploring new areas of market opportunity.

How we add value

  • Get you to market faster
  • Guide you towards true product-market fit
  • Develop distinctive brand language and product experiences
  • Identify untapped opportunities for innovation
  • Prototype your next big release
  • Build internal design capability
  • Partner on your next investment round

Spotted an opportunity to accelerate your growth?

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We want to bring the spirit of a startup into your organisation. By freeing employees from entrenched processes, we give them confidence to challenge status quo and explore new opportunities.

Our team gives you the help you need to scout, prototype, and validate new ventures, using fresh, entrepreneurial thinking and then unite teams around a shared vision.

How we add value

  • Find new opportunities for innovation and spin outs
  • Prototype new business ideas & pivots
  • Build the business case for innovation
  • Validate new ideas with the target market
  • Grow internal design and entrepreneurial expertise
  • Respond to big market shifts and mergers
  • Balance innovation and improvement

Know where design could add value?

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Investors play a pivotal role in backing companies who want to make real change in society. We’re excited to work with purpose-driven teams, seeking a positive societal impact alongside financial return.

Using design thinking and doing we guide promising portfolio companies through pivotal moments, stacking the odds of success in their favour and helping you realise the potential in your portfolio.

How we add value

  • Bring clarity and confidence on where to focus
  • Add design expertise into early stage companies that lack dedicated resources
  • Build a culture of continuous design and customer thinking
  • Spot new opportunities for innovation, pivots and growth
  • Accentuate unfair advantage and unique value
  • Prepare for the next investment round
  • Advise on new investment opportunities
  • Identify underserved markets and latent needs
  • Carry out ‘design due diligence’ on potential investments
"Love partnering with Berst. It’s super rare to find a design team who can understand business needs and create high quality solutions at such high pace."

Sagi Shorrer, serial entrepreneur and angel investor.

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