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Babylon Health

Forecasting the future of self-managed healthcare

As one of the world’s fastest growing healthtech startups, Babylon Health are on a mission to put accessible and affordable healthcare in the hands of every person on earth. With a diverse team of scientists, clinicians and engineers from over 60 countries, they’ve successfully disrupted traditional healthcare by giving patients online access to UK GPs from anywhere.

Babylon’s mission on the wall of their head office: We believe in putting an accessible and affordable health service in the hands of every person on earth
Babylon Health's bold vision. Photo courtesy of Tom Harman
A virtual consultation on a smartphone
Booking virtual GP consultations

New horizons

Blending research, design thinking and prototyping, we worked with the diverse team to imagine their ideal future customer experience across two timeframes: the next 12 months and a 3-year horizon.

A diagram illustrating the three year vision for self-managed healthcare over three phases

The three year vision for self-managed healthcare

How might we…?

We started with the immediate future - the next year. Working alongside their clinicians, technologists and designers, we researched, prototyped and validated how to evolve their service to better help patients to recover from common acute conditions.

A diagram illustrating the five step journey patients take when recovering from an acute condition
Three screenshots of a prototype for the rehabilitation experience

Prototyping the rehabilitation experience one year out

A future story

Our next step was to help the team look beyond reactive diagnosis and treatment to a bold three-year vision: using their AI-powered tech to promote and enable proactive healthcare. We created a patient story to illustrate how Babylon Health could help someone manage their health throughout four key life stages.

A diagram of four life stages: Getting better, Taking control, Planning ahead, Living smarter

The difference we made

Using storytelling techniques, we painted a compelling picture of the future for Babylon Health. One that everyone on the team could understand and get behind. One grounded on validated customer needs and in sync with the organisation’s strategic ambitions. With a renewed sense of where they’re going, the team have shifted into a higher gear and are now focusing on how best – and how quickly – to bring their bold vision to life.

Four example pages from Jamelia’s story
A handful of elements from ‘Jamelia's Story’: a four part narrative detailing how Babylon will deliver value across four key life stages.